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Actors Agents Guide to Become an Actor

There are plenty of actors agents out there.

When you decide to become an actor, it often seems impossible to get acting talent agents to represent you, but the more acting experience you get and the better you get at networking with talent management, the more interviews you will get with actors agents interested in representating you.

So how do you pick good acting agents to work with?

More importantly, how do you choose the right actor agent for you?

Below are some pointers to get you started, along with tips on how to work with your talent management team to get the most success in your acting career

If you’re wondering how to get an agent to begin with, visit our acting agents page.
You can also ask specific questions about actor agents at the bottom of this page.

Sign with the right actors’ agent

Depending on where you’re at in your career and what you’re looking for in an agent,
here are a few things to consider when picking an agent to sign with:

    • A small client list will allow you to get more personalized attention while a larger acting agency can have the clout or packaging power of getting you bigger auditions as you progress in your career.
    • Sharing a common vision on the type of roles you’re right for and which direction your career should take is important. If you’re trying to make a change of direction in your career, you need to make sure the agent you choose will support you in your decision, even if it means accepting smaller and lower-paying roles for a while.
    • Your agent doesn’t need to be your best friend, but a good rapport helps. Ask yourself if this is someone you would like on your team and enjoy talking to on the phone daily.
    • If you’re starting an acting career, don’t feel like you
      have to sign with the perfect acting agency right away. An actor contract is
      usually for one year, renewable. Just make sure the agency is legit.
      For example, actors agents should not require that you take a
      particular class or get headshots with a particular photographer
      in order to represent you. Also make sure you read your contract
      carefully before signing. There should be a clause to allow you
      to get out of the contract if the agent doesn’t get you an audition
      within a certain timeframe (usually 3 months).
actors agents dead endDon’t dead end yourself by spending all ofyour energy on finding actors’ agents when you start your acting career. Your time is almost always better spent working on your craft, looking for auditions on your own and working as an actor. You do not need to have an agent to begin acting!

Build a good long-lasting relationship with your actor agency

You’ve signed with an agent you love?


Now you got to give your new agent all the tools they need to submit you. Get your new agency’s contact information on your resume and give your agent as many pictures and resumes as they want. If you have one, also drop off a few copies of your reel.

Now what?

    1. Your talent agent will submit you on auditions and also possibly set up “meet and greets” with casting directors to introduce you as a new up-and-coming actor.
    2. When you get an audition, they will call you with all the specifics, possibly give you some background on the auditioners and advice on what to wear or how to prepare for the role. They will also call you if you have a callback or if they receive feedback from the casting director.
    3. Once you book a role, the agent will negotiate your contract and give you all the details of the job.
    4. Actors’ agents receive your earnings and send them to you, minus a 10% commission.

Sounds simple?

Working with your agent will be easier if you follow these tips on how to make the most of your relationship:

    • Communicate. Make sure your update your agent on any changes to your appearance, availability and contact information. Drop off new resumes each time you get a role and call periodically to make sure your agent still has enough acting pictures, resumes and reels. Invite your agent to see you each time you perform. If you’re not getting as many auditions as you would like, talk to your agent. Discuss your headshots and resume and classes he or she thinks you could benefit from. Ask your agent if they can occasionally get feedback from casting directors on your auditions. Make sure your agent understands your career goals and which roles you do and do not want to take.
    • Act professionally. Being on time and prepared for auditions and acting jobs helps you be well-respected in the industry and in turn reflects upon your actor agent.
    • Be proactive. Don’t rely on your agent to get you all the work. See your relationship with your actor agency as a partnership. Continue to actively search for auditions, attend open calls, take workshops and make contacts. Call your agent whenever you hear of a role you think is right for you.
    • Keep notes. Keep track of every acting job you do and payment you receive. Not only will this be tremendously helpful come tax season, but it will avoid any conflict down the road with your talent agency’s payroll department. There should be a clause in your contract saying the agency has to forward your earnings within a certain amount of days of receiving payment. Read your contract carefully and make sure your agent pays you on time for acting jobs.
actor successGood acting agents can really help careers take off.
I hope all the information above helps you become an actor and find an acting
agent who shows you the road to success!


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