Online Acting Lessons for Free

Here you’ll find plenty of free online acting classes for actors of all levels: acting lessons on both the art of acting and the business of acting, including various acting techniques, how to prepare monologues and work on character and how to nail auditions. You can even submit your monologues for review and get feedback!

If you live too far from acting classes or just can’t afford to go to acting school, this is a good place to start. You can also explore these lessons if you don’t feel ready to perform in front of others or if you’re just not sure if you want to act yet. All the lessons below are free to read on the website. If you want to take them with you, get a copy of the e-book by clicking in the right column. We also offer Skype acting classes for a fee, so when you’re ready for the next step, contact us if you’re interested in private acting classes online.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1) Online Acting School for Beginning Actors

These online acting classes are for those who never went to acting school or only took a few acting classes in high school. It covers basic acting techniques, how to become an actor and how to work on an acting monologue for the first time. When you feel ready, you can submit a video of your first monologue for feedback.

Lesson 1: Basic Acting Techniques

Acting is a performing art. The more you act, the quicker you’ll learn. So first, pick a monologue to work on so you can try acting techniques out as you go.

The first thing you need to learn as an actor is to act truthfully, which means not faking. All the basic acting techniques help the actor achieve this goal but all use slightly different methods.

The first acting technique to get familiar with is Stanislavski because it is at the core of all the other modern acting techniques you will study as an actor.

Start by reading our Stanislavski online acting class. Try the exercises, then return to this page.

Now look at each of the acting techniques below, tryout the acting exercises and experimenting with your monologue as above…

  • Method Acting Lessons: Start with this acting lesson if you feel tense when you act and have trouble connecting with the emotional life of the character.
  • Meisner Online Acting Class: Read about this acting technique if you feel self-conscious when you act. Meisner helps actors to be more in the moment.
  • Stella Adler Online Acting Class: Use this information to start digging deeper into your monologue and using your imagination to have the text “speak to you”.
  • Michael Chekhov Online Acting Class: Read this overview of Michael Chekhov’s work to stop “being in your head” and rely more on your artistic intuition to work on roles.

Lesson 2: How to Become An Actor

Follow this quick step by step guide if you’ve never acted and just don’t know how to start an acting career.

Lesson 3: How to Learn Your Lines

Tips and techniques to memorize your lines as an actor.

Lesson 4: How to Work on Your First Monologue

This acting lesson gives you a step by step approach to working on a monologue for acting class or auditions.

Lesson 5: Submit your First Monologue

One of the best ways to learn is to perform and get feedback. When you feel ready, scroll to the bottom of the acting monologue lesson to submit a video of your work. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Sharing your work in progress will help you determine what you need to concentrate on next.

Online Acting School for Intermediate Actors

These online acting classes are for actors who have taken quite a few acting classes or attended acting school and are ready to audition professionally. It focuses on audition preparation and specific acting issues like speech and stage fright. You can also submit an audition monologue to get feedback before a big audition.

Lesson 1: A Step by Step Guide to Acting Auditions

This is an acting guide on the business of acting auditions. It covers how to find castings, how to submit to acting auditions and how to prepare for auditions.

Lesson 2: Acting Audition Tips

This online acting class is packed with tips, from how to make a first good impression when you enter the audition to how to make the most of your callback.

Lesson 3: Movie Auditions

This quick online acting lesson covers movie auditions at the Hollywood studios, how to work with the camera at filmed auditions and how to make the most of your film auditions by researching the project and using the “sides”.

Lesson 4: Commercial Auditions

This is a 2-part acting lesson that covers both the business aspect of commercial auditions and tips to nail your commercial audition.

Lesson 5: How to Get an Acting Reel

Check out this page if you haven’t got an acting reel yet or if your reel is not getting you called in.

Lesson 6: Audition Monologue Tips

This online acting class focuses on auditions that require monologues. It covers how to pick good audition monologues, the dos and don’ts of audition monologues and several acting tips to help you have a winning audition.

Lesson 7: Submit your Audition Monologue

This is the place to view audition monologues by other actors and share your big audition monologue to get comments and/or feedback.

Online Acting Lessons for Advanced Actors

These online acting lessons are for working actors who want to explore lesser known acting techniques or get a refresher course by browsing acting career tips and acting videos.

Lesson 1: Exploring Lesser Known Acting Techniques

A look at some lesser-know acting training methods, from the Spolin technique to Suzuki and viewpoints for those who need a new acting approach.

Lesson 2: Shakespeare Acting

Get a refresher course on how to look for clues in Shakespeare’s blank verse.

Lesson 3: Acting Character Development

Step by step online acting class to work on a role.

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