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Colorado School of Acting

This Colorado acting school located in Lakewood offers an acting training program for all ages, focused on the recorded performing arts (anything on camera or microphone). It is a serious program for students who seek a career in acting; it is not a casual program where students take acting classes for fun. Colorado School of Acting students range from preschoolers to retirees, from completely new to acting, to those who have appeared in over 20 films. We welcome all who are serious about building a career in today’s entertainment industry.

Performance Opportunities: Beginning in Level 1, students work on camera, shooting scenes like independent films. The opportunities increase from there, including live performances during Level 2’s Improv Class, and culminating in being the cast of a locally produced and aired TV show during Level 4.

Career Preparation: Students who complete Level 1 (a one-year-long course) will have the following career tools:

-Professional Headshot & Resume

-Audition Monologues: Comedic & Dramatic

-Demo Reel

-A Personal Actor Web Page

-Completed Profiles on Major Industry Websites

-Knowledge of Acting Theory and the Ability to Use Different Techniques to Achieve Results

-How to Get Yourself Work! Paid Work!

Degree: There are four levels in the certificate program of this Colorado acting school. Each level is designed to take one year, with a Certificate awarded upon completion of the requirements. Colorado School ofActing is approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools.

Tuition Fee: Level One is $375 per Quarter (average $125 per month). Fees increase slightly with each higher level.

What Students Need to Apply: Acceptance is by personal interview only. Prospective students are encouraged to prepare a monologue for the interview. However, this can be a daunting task for someone totally new to acting, so beginner actors can do a reading instead.

Acceptance Rate: About 80 percent of applicants are accepted into Level One. No experience is required, but a serious commitment is required.


Before I started at Colorado School of Acting, I was kind of a beginner. But now I audition for Hollywood movies and local projects.
Evan, 15

I come to Colorado School of Acting three times a week, and the training is top notch. My first ever audition, I booked two paid theatre jobs.
Tre, 30


Westside Studios

Among Colorado acting schools, this studio in Arvada teaches a real world approach to the craft of voice acting for animation/character voices and Radio/TV.

Private, semi-private and intensive workshops scheduled throughout the year.

Students learn basic microphone technique, taking direction, copy interpretation, what to expect from the audition process and other essentials to build a solid foundation toward mastery of one’s voice acting talents.

Career preparation: L.A.-based major market voice actor, director Brent Brace offers 20+ years of industry expertise

Tuition Fee:

$75 per hour for private voice over coaching.

$135 to $175 for a 5 to 6 week group sessions (sometimes more for specialized instruction such as voice acting for Characters/Animation).

What you’ll need to apply: An attitude for learning.


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