Acting Agents Questions

Visit an acting agency!!!

by Allison

(London, UK)


I really want to get in touch with an agent and get him or her to represent me. I have tried to get in touch with agents over mail, but they NEVER respond to me, not a single one of them actually. I have also called a few agencies here in London, but they just tell me to send them a mail instead! So, I was wondering, if it would perhaps be possible for me to visit an acting agency? I mean, I do live here in London and I already know where the agencies are.
If I can’t, then what should I do?


I know it’s frustrating, but walking in without an appointment won’t help. It can only hurt you. I know, I tried that at the beginning of my career, and I know many other actors who have tried that too. It’s unprofessional and a waste of your time.

If you want to see how agencies work, try offering your services for free as an intern by calling in the afternoon. Better yet, intern for a casting director. They may be willing to introduce you to agencies once you worked for them for a while.

Don’t waste too much time on agents. Concentrate on looking for auditions and making contacts with producers, directors and casting people. If you book a really great role and you can afford it, hire a publicist for a few months to get agents to come see you perform. This worked great for me when I produced my own play in New York. I couldn’t get agents to talk to me either, but for a flat fee, a good publicist that was recommended by a friend got several agents, producers and casting directors to come see the show. Good luck!

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