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Can I get an Agent if I Have No Experience


Hi my name is Jasmin.

I am very interested in acting but i have no experience whatsoever. I was wondering if i could still get an agent to get me auditions or is it necessary for me to have experience in order to get an agent?


Unless you’re very young, it’s pretty hard to get a legit agent if you don’t have any experience. It’s better to concentrate on getting auditions and acting jobs for yourselft through open calls, legitimate online casting sites and student films.

If you have a good print or commercial look, you may still be able to get a commercial or print agent though, and if you end up booking jobs through them, you could end up with an interview with their legit department (legit agents are agents who help you look for work in theater, film and TV shows).

If you want to make a mailing to commercial agents, make sure you get good commercial headshots first.

Good luck!

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