Acting Schools in Wisconsin

Looking for acting schools in Wisconsin? Below is our first listing of a Wisconsin acting school, soon to be followed by more WI acting classes for Wisconsin actors of all levels.

Actor’s Craft

This Wisconsin acting school is located in Kenosha, WI, 1 hour north of Chicago, so both Wisconsin and Illinois residents living around the border can easily commute to take WI acting classes here.

All ages can train here, whether in classes designed for adult actors, children and teens, or one-on-one through private coaching.

Classes are taught by a highly-trained professional Acting Coach, Maureen Cashin Bolog, who brings Los Angeles caliber training to the Midwest. You can take a one day workshop, or a 6-10 week course. We have on-going Scene Study classes, paid monthly.

Although the focus is on-camera technique, the acting classes incorporate diction, projection and physical work that will develop your body and voice for stage as well. Classes include Acting Technique, Audition Technique, Script Analysis, Scene Study featuring The Chubbuck Technique, The Physical Actor, Improvisation Technique. Creative Drama classes include Bringing Stories to Life, Music and Improv for Preschoolers, and various Improvisational classes. Private coaching is available for actors who are working on an important audition or have landed a role.

This is the only acting school in the area to teach The Chubbuck Technique used by Emmy Award winning actors. In addition, Maureen includes what she considers to be the best of the best techniques from some of the top acting coaches she has studied with: Ivana Chubbuck, Margie Haber, Howard Fine, Lawrence Parke, Jay Goldenberg. Also, she incorporates techniques of other masters of this art: Uta Hagen, Michael Shurtleff, Viola Spolin, Anita Jesse, etc. It is a well rounded approach that incorporates the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual aspects of acting. This acting school in Wisconsin teaches acting from a place of service, not ego, which alleviates stress and allows actors to take risks to create exciting, dynamic performances.

Performance Opportunities: This acting school in Wisconsin is located in the Rhode Center for the Arts which houses Lakeside Players, a community theater group. Many Actor’s Craft students audition for and land roles in their productions for children and adults. The school offers a one-week summer theater camp for kids that ends in a performance. The Actor’s Craft newsletter includes audition opportunities for local theater and film projects for Wisconsin actors.

Career Preparation: This is one of the acting schools in Wisconsin that offers full professional training for an acting career, including films, television, corporate videos, commercials, video games, etc. Also, acting teachers work with non-actors for public speaking and presentations. Our students are working on film and stage in Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and Wisconsin. Talent agents, managers and filmmakers recommend Actor’s Craft.

Tuition Fee: Rates vary depending on the class.
Acting Technique is $300 for the 10-week adult classes.
On-going Scene Study classes are paid monthly $120/4weeks.
Children’s classes average $12/hour and are paid upfront for 6-10 week sessions.
Private coaching sessions are $60.

Financial Aid: Payment plans can be arranged.

What Students Need to Apply: Contact the school to fill out an admission form to mail back with your payment.

Acceptance Rate: Almost 100%. Young readers cannot always continue in the audition class. This is one of the acting schools in Wisconsin that teaches beginning actors as well as actors with theater degrees and years of experience. There is no audition policy to take classes, but we will direct actors to the classes we think would be most beneficial for them.

Website: Actor’s Craft

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