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Berry College

Among acting schools in GA, the theater program at Berry College gives students an opportunity to learn everything about the theater, from acting to directing and theater design or theater marketing.

Courses include acting, movement, dance, script analysis, Shakespeare, stagecraft, stage lighting and design, costuming, makeup, theater management, playwrighting, directing, choreography, world drama, theater studies and theater history.

Performance opportunities:

This acting college in Georgia has a student theater company and offers 4 mainstage productions a year, in addition to studio performances and participation in both the Southeastern Theatre Conference and American College Theatre Festival.

Degree: BA in Theater with a concentration in Performance.

Financial Aid: Theater scholarships and work study programs in and out of the school are available.

What you’ll need to apply: Application and fee, test scores, transcripts, recommendation by counselor and an essay.


The Actor’s Scene

Among acting schools in GA, The Actor’s Scene focuses on training adult, teens and kid actors in screen acting. The studio offers classes for beginners and advanced actors.

Students learn acting, improv, movement, voice, characterization and screen acting techniques. Special workshops cover things like voice over or auditionning for the camera. Students in the advanced class also practice sense memory, film close-up work, script analysis, sitcom/TV and cold reading techniques.

Scenes performed in class are filmed so students can see their work at home and improve.

Kids acting classes are divided by age range: 4-7 years old (40 minute classes), 8-11 years old and 12-17 years old (55 minutes). There are also kids summer acting camps and special workshops.

Career preparation:

Students practice auditionning and interviewing skills in class and work on monologues. The school also offers special workshops on auditionning.

Actors can participate in a showcase in front of agents and casting directors at the end of the year for an extra fee.

This acting school in GA also organizes auditions for all ages, where the top 12 winners can take part in an industry showcase during a 3-day trip to New York for a fee.

Financial Aid: Discounts are available for students who purchase a full session or yearly tuition. The grand winner of the talent show gets a full scholarship to the NYC showcase.

What you’ll need to apply: Purchase a class on the school’s website (registration is ongoing). Prospective students can schedule to audit one acting class. An audition is only required for master classes.


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