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Looking for acting schools in Orlando, Florida? Here you’ll find all the information you need on Orlando acting classes, including performance opportunities and how these schools can prepare you for a Florida acting career and beyond.

UCF Conservatory Theater

This is one of the acting schools in Orlando that offers both bachelor degrees and masters degrees in acting and musical theater. Students in the BFA Acting program study acting, scene study, movement, voice and acting for the camera. The training is based on Stanislavski and includes work in sense memory, improv and characterization. Undergraduate musical theater students take classes in acting, movement, voice, dance (ballet, jazz), music theory, piano and musical theater. MFA students study their craft while working on productions during 3 years at this acting university.

Performance opportunities: The school produces about 4 mainstage productions each year at the school’s 300-seat theater. More productions are staged at a smaller black box theater on campus and at a 264-seat theater for graduate students in Daytona Beach. Undergraduates participate in productions throughout their studies, especially in their junior and senior year.

Career preparation: BFA students take a professional internship during their senior year.

Degree: BFA in Acting, BFA in Musical Theater, MFA in Acting, MFA in Musical Theatre.

Financial Aid: In addition to federal and state financial aid, the university offers grants, scholarships and fellowships for graduate students, as well as student employment and out-of-state waivers for non-Florida residents.

What you’ll need to apply: Transcripts, a headshot and resume, 3 letters of recommendation, an interview and an audition (musical theater applicants are required to act, sing and dance at the audition). MFA applicants must have studied Play Analysis, Theatre History, Dramatic Literature and Directing as undergraduates and have obtained a minimum 3.0 theater GPA.


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Truthful Acting Studio

This school offers Meisner based Orlando acting classes which free the actor from preplanned cliche behaviors and open them to true, organic, instinctual responsiveness in each moment.

These Orlando acting classes are divided into four 12 week segments: Foundation I and II which deal with the acting instrument, and Scenes I and II which deal with text and interpretation. Students may opt to take only one or two classes or sign up for the entire program which can be completed in approximately a year (48 weeks of instruction).

Classes are typically 4 hours per week with outside meetings with classmates required. Students may take only one class, or take them all.

At the end of the year, some students are invited to continue studying in a progressive study class which delves deeper into the work of characterization and advanced interpretation.

Through the use of all of the Meisner work, the student becomes more and more free in their work as well as more available to their scene partner and more responsive to their environment. It is challenging work but reaps outstanding rewards for those who commit to the process.

Performance Opportunities: Planned public performances of scenework take place three times a year at the end of each Scenes II class.

Career Preparation: A few times a year, we present workshops that cover topics ranging from audition techniques and marketing materials (headshots, reels,resumes, etc) to on-camera techniques for film actors and set etiquette.Private coaching is also available for a nominal hourly fee.

Degree: Certificate of Completion after all four segments of the training are completed.

Tuition Fee: Classes are $295 for each 12 week course.

Financial Aid: One scholarship for 50% off tuition is available per class per semester. Other discounts can be applied at the discretion of the studio.

What Students Need to Apply: No requirements. All students, regardless of past experience, start with Foundation I: The search for Truth.

Acceptance Rate: All students are accepted. Just contact the school to register online.

Audition Policy: Students are encouraged during their early training to audition in non-professional venues. More experienced actors are encouraged to seek out professional work.


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L.A. Acting Workshop

This acting school right outside Orlando offers 12-week screen acting classes for beginners and advanced actors. Beginner classes cover everything from improvisation and scene study to cold readings, monologues, and auditioning for film, TV, soaps or commercials. The advanced class focuses on characterization and auditioning. Students can also study voice for 10 weeks. The Level 1 class covers all aspects of vocal production, speech and voice-over technique, including dialects, singing, character voices and auditioning skills. The advanced voice-over class helps actors prepare a voice-over demo, among other things.

Career preparation: Advanced students have an opportunity to appear in a showcase in front of industry professionals to promote their Florida acting career. If you’re considering moving to L.A., you can also sign up for the school’s Backstage Tour to Los Angeles during pilot season that includes seminars, workshops and a showcase in front of LA industry professionals.

Tuition Fee: $600 for the 12-week acting classes, $500 for the 10-week voice classes.

What you’ll need to apply: All you need is to register for the class of your choice and send a deposit.


Art’s Sake Studio

This is one of the acting schools in Orlando focused on acting for the camera. The 12-week long film acting classes are taught by a working actress with extensive television credits. Through the Meisner technique, actors learn moment-to-moment acting while centering and energizing their instrument. They also study film techniques, audition skills and the business of acting, and work on monologues and scenes. The school also offers a scene study class and advanced acting classes.

Performance opportunities: Advanced students perform at the Orlando Fringe Festival. You could also participate in the school’s evening of one-acts presented in front of an invited audience.

Career preparation: The audition workout class prepares actors for all aspects of the auditioning process, from headshots and resumes to callbacks. The school sometimes offers workshops, seminars and Q&A’s with guest artists and professionals. Students also have access to professional resources like sample headshots and audition listings for Florida acting jobs.

Tuition Fee: $300 for the 12-week class (special discounts are available).

Financial Aid: One teacher assistant position is available per class with a student referral, resume and interview.

What you’ll need to apply: All you need is to sign up for the class and send a deposit, but class sizes are small, so you’ll want to sign up at least a month in advance to guarantee a spot.


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Rollins College

This acting school in Orlando offers a bachelor’s degree in Theatre. By choosing to focus on performance, you will study acting, script analysis, voice, speech, movement and improvisation. You will also have courses in technical theater, theater design, dramatic lit, theater history and theater theory. Electives include directing and makeup. You can also choose to specialize in musical theater.

Performance opportunities: Students are required to perform in a mainstage production and in a solo theater piece at the acting college. The school produces 9 shows each year. Mainstage productions are presented at a 377-seat landmark theater on campus. There is also a 90-seat black box theater for smaller or experimental shows. You can also join the on-campus student theater group and improvisation troupe.

Career preparation: Students learn from teachers with extensive credits in their given fields of expertise. Actors are required to work backstage in all aspects of technical theater, from set design to lighting, costumes and makeup. Seniors can take an audition workshop and showcase their work in a public performance. Juniors and seniors can also intern in the performing arts for credit (past students have interned at the Old Globe Theatre in London).

Degree: BA in Theater.

Financial Aid: 70 percent of students receive aid. In addition to federal and state financial aid, the university offers merit-based academic scholarships and need-based grants. Ten new students each year have their entire tuition paid for through the Cornell Scholarship. There is also a special theater scholarship that awards up to $10,000 per year.

What you’ll need to apply: Transcripts, test scores, an essay, a secondary school report form, counselor and teacher recommendation forms. If you want to be considered for the theater scholarship, you will also need to audition (you can audition at the acting school in Orlando or send a taped audition).


New York Film Academy

The New York Film Academy offers 1-week or 3-week intensive acting workshops at the Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando during the summer. This acting school in Orlando is more focused on film acting. Six hours a day, 5 days a week, actors study acting for the camera, voice and movement, scene study, improvisation, monologues and auditioning technique, as well as filmmaking basics.

Career preparation: The school offers filmmaking classes concurrently with acting classes, which gives you the opportunity to work on the Disney set, develop an actor reel and start building relationships with future filmmakers. The faculty is made up of MFA graduates and working professionals.

What you’ll need to apply: You don’t need to audition to attend this acting school in Orlando. All you need is to send an enrollment form and deposit.


orlando acting tipIf you’re interested in studying at one of the acting schools in Orlando, Florida, consider scheduling a visit during the Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival in May. This way, you can discover theater companies in the area and maybe even see student productions from the acting schools in Orlando you’re considering.

Note: Acting schools in Orlando that offer an undergraduate degree usually require that acting students take general education courses in addition to acting classes. Also keep in mind that some acting schools in Orlando will require that you send an application and fee in addition to other application materials mentioned on this page.

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