Acting Agents Questions

Can you have more than 1 agent?

by Emma


Can you have more than 1 agent? Do actors in film and theatre have more than 1 agent who represents them? or is there a rule that you can only have 1 agent?


You can only have one agent for theatrical, which covers film, television and theatre (as well as new media), unless you work in different locations (for example, you’re available for auditions in Los Angeles and London and your agents don’t have offices in both cities).

You can have more than one agent as an actor, though. For example, you may have one agent for theatrical and one for commercial. Some actors even have special voice-over agents or modeling agents. You just have to see what your contract covers. Of course, on top of your agents, you can also have a personal manager. You can only have one manager, though, and your manager will take a commission on all your acting jobs.

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