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Can’t Get Any Agent

by Kevin Miller Periera

(Austin, TX, USA)


Hello, My name is Kevin Miller.

I am having lots of trouble getting any Film agent.

I mailed out lots of headshots to L.A., New york, Toronto, Madrid,Spain, and to Austin,Texas.

I try auditioning every chance i get, from colleges, to student films to public theaters and nothing.

I am fluent in three languages. Spanish, Italian, and English.

I graduated in Fine Arts at San Marcos, Texas
and Studied acting in Paris, Madrid, Toronto, Texas, and Chicago.

I have been in over twenty theater plays and been in Extra in 10 hit shows on NBC, CBS, & FOX.

I have worked on Many theater companies, in Minnesota, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Toronto, Paris, Madrid, and in Florida.

But no agent has contacted me back at all.

I worked on big films, like “Once upon a time in Mexico”, Spy Kids”, and on “School of Rock”.

In the Past, I worked on local and national Commercials, like Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Albertsons Grocery Store, and H.E.B.

I have written short films and submitted them to short film festivals, and still no manager, no agent, no one.

I been taking singing classes, and acting classes.

I written letters to Dana Carvey to ask him for advice to get in the business. never got back to me.

I need help. I want to get a great agent that will get me work, so I can grow in the business.

Like lots of families, I lost my job due to the bad Economy.

I even tried putting myself on craigslist, and even tried to write to NBC, and to oprah.

Can please you help me?


Dear Kevin,

Getting an agent is hard, even for those actors who have been around for a while, but here are a few tips that could help:

1) Get professional actor headshots to send to agents and casting directors.

2) Do not mention extra work when you approach agents and casting directors. Extra work is not considered acting work and it will make your acting resume look amateurish.

3) If you have done screen acting work, get an acting reel and submit it with your headshot and resume (or to save money on dubs, give a link to your online reel).

4) A lot of agents don’t have time to look at new mailed submissions. A better way to meet agents is usually through industry showcases and workshops, so sign up for a few workshops. Not only will it give you an opportunity to perform for acting agents, it will give you a chance to get feedback so you know what to work on to advance your career.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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