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florida acting tipThe state of Florida has many great financial aid programs. Make sure to check with the Florida Department of Education to see if you’re eligible for a merit-based scholarship or need-based grant if you decide to go to an acting school in Florida.


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Nova Southeastern University
Farquhar College
of Arts and Sciences
3301 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
Ph: (800) 338-4723
This acting school offers a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and the advantage of small classes (about 22 students per class), which allows for a lot of personal attention. Beyond general education courses and acting classes, actors study theatre history and styles, play analysis, Shakespeare and oral interpretation (including work on speech and characterization). Electives include music history classes, voice, movement, costumes, makeup, set design and directing. Students can also take classes that focus on specific playwrights or periods.

Performance opportunities: Students can participate in the school’s productions for credit. This Florida acting school produces about 4 or 5 shows each year at one of its 4 theaters (which include a 499-seat and 300-seat performance space). There is also a professional theater in residence at the university.

Career preparation: Students participate in technical theater labs, where they learn about lighting, set design, and how to work backstage on actual productions. Juniors can intern at professional theaters for credit.

Degree: BA in Theater.

Tuition Fee: Around $19,800 yearly for tuition only.

Financial Aid: Grants and scholarships are available, as well as loans and work-study programs. Students can also audition for the theater school’s talent-based performing and visual arts grant.

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University of Florida  This acting university less then 2 hours from Jacksonville offers a conservatory-style training for both actors and musical theater artists. Actors study …

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Actors Studio of St Augustine
This Florida acting school offers a 2-year program based on the Meisner technique.

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Children’s Gallery and Arts Center
Children acting classes in Homstead FL focused on developing experimental theater.

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