Acting Agents Questions

Agent Questions

by Carly

(St. Mary’s, ON)


I am going to be meeting with some agents and casting directors tomorrow, what type of questions should I ask them?


Here are some questions to ask at an agent interview:

  • How many clients does the agency have? How many actors does this particular agent represent? (Ideally, you don’t want them to represent too many people or chances are they won’t give you enough attention).
  • Does the agency also represent writers, directors and producers? (This can be useful for you because you can get a chance to audition for their projects).
  • Does the agent represent any actor like you (someone your age and type)? It’s better if they don’t. When the right part comes along, they’ll think only of you.
  • If there is more than one agent in the acting agency, ask how they work together. Do they share clients? If they do, can you meet the other agents?
  • What kind of relationship does the agent like to have with the actors they represent? Do they offer help with picking headshots and writing your resume? Will they call you with feedback from casting directors when you have an important audition? Do they like their clients to call them on a regular basis? Is it OK to call them if you hear about an audition you think you should get submitted for?
  • What is the agent’s vision for you? What type of roles do they see you play? What kind of career does the agent think you’re going to have? Do they think you should do more theater, film, etc.?

Here are some questions you can ask when you meet a casting director:

  • What kind of projects do they mainly cast (film, episodic, theater, etc.)
  • What do they look for in an actor? (If they cast a particular TV show, they may be looking for a particular quality or “style of acting”.)
  • What do they think of your picture and resume?
  • Do they have any advice for actors who want to audition for them?
  • What are their pet peeves?
  • How do they like actors to stay in touch with them (do they prefer postcards, headshots, etc.)
  • Good luck!

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