Acting Agents Questions

How can you get an acting agent

by Kayleah Jackson

(Toledo Ohio)


Do you need to have skill or be discovered for a acting agent to be with you? Or do you have to call them up and then they just will be with you? Do you have to send pictures and info to them? Also i live in Ohio, Toledo. Any suggestions for were to go in Toledo?


Legitimate acting agents usually look for either promising young actors or older actors with acting experience. Calling agents up is usually not very helpful. If you have acting headshots and a resume, making a mailing to agents is always a good place to start, but if you don’t have any experience, you very well may not get a call.

As I mentioned before, getting an agent is important, but if you’re starting an acting career, it’s better to concentrate on taking classes and getting a few acting jobs (things are different for young actors who should look for a good class that includes an industry showcase where they can be “discovered” by agents).

I don’t know how many acting agents are in Toledo, if any, but you could probably find out that information from acting schools and local theaters around where you live. The closest major entertainment city where there will be a lot of agents and auditions is Chicago, of course.

Good luck!

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