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Will an Agent work with a part-time Actress?

by Leelo

(L.A., CA)


I’m a full-time educator who only wants to audition for more prominent roles. Can’t afford to act, otherwise! Is this a valid mention to a potential agent? I have no rush nor innate desire for fame and fortune, and am perfectly happy otherwise teaching. Is it all right that I ask to only audition for “big” roles?

Thank you.


If you have little or no experience on your acting resume, an agent will not submit you for lead roles because you just wouldn’t get called in. Except very rarely when a director specifically requests a non-actor or an actress with extremely unique looks or skills, casting directors don’t audition actresses for important roles unless they’ve already done a lot of smaller roles.

Even if you were willing to do smaller roles, an agent would probably not want to sign an actor who has a full-time career outside of acting. You just wouldn’t be able to make most professional auditions that take place during the day.

Since you just want to act and are not pursuing fame and fortune, I think you may be happier skipping the agent and just looking for semi-professional theatre companies that will allow you to work on bigger more interesting roles during your free time in the evening. If you’re teaching all day, you may just love getting on stage at night, no matter how big your audience.

Hope this helps!

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