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Looking for acting schools in Italy? Read about these acting classes in Italy to see if these european acting schools are for you.

Accademia dell’Arte

Accademia dell’Arte is a 2-year MFA program in physical theatre based in Arezzo, Italy and accredited through the Mississippi University for Women. Our dedicated faculty and guest artists have created a program specializing in Commedia dell’Arte, Acrobatics, Clown, and other alternative theatre techniques. Students live and work in Arezzo, and also study in Torino, Milan, and Berlin.

Accademia dell’Arte also offers 14-week undergraduate programs for Theatre, Dance, and Music.

Performance Opportunities: Student performances are arranged in Arezzo and surrounding Tuscan cities, and substantial showcases will occur after modules of study at the FLIC Circus School in Torino, The Berlin Acting School, and the Paolo Grassi School in Milan.

Degree: MFA.

Tuition Fee: MFA Program 2011 – 2013

MFA program first year (modules 1-3) tuition: 16.500 EUR

  • Module 1 Arezzo: 6.600 EUR
  • Module 2 Arezzo: 6.600 EUR
  • Module 3 Torino: 3.300 EUR

Estimated cost of the second and third year (modules 4-7): 20.900 EUR (this total is subject to change at the discretion of Accademia dell’Arte).

Estimated cost of the whole MFA program (modules 1-7): 37.400 EUR (this total is subject to change at the discretion of Accademia dell’Arte).

Financial Aid: A limited number of assistantships and scholarships will be available for students. Students are asked at the time of application to outline their estimated financial plan to qualify for either a scholarships or an assistantship.

What you’ll need to apply: Interested applicants must fill out the Accademia dell’Arte MFA application and attend auditions, which are taking place throughout the U.S. at various partner universities.

Website: Accademia dell’Arte


An international acting school teaching the international acting language through Sergei Ostrenko’s acting method.

acting school italyPhoto Curtesy of ABIT Academy

This acting program in Tuscany offers 3 years of high level education October to May – 30 hours per week.

Acting classes include acting technique, voice (Voicecraft EVT technique), movement, directing, theater history and entertainment law.

Non-speakers take Italian language classes while Italian actors study speech, verse and expressive reading techniques.

Performance opportunities: The school has a small in house theater and an agreement with the town for students to perform in the old Italian theater in Massa and Carrara.

Career preparation: Workshops with International masters from Meyerhold’s direct line, as well as auditioning training.

Degree: Final degree.

Tuition Fee:

For tuition only, including Italian for foreigners:

  • First Year October to May – 20 hours per week: 2700 Euros.
  • Second year from October to May – 25 hours per week: 3000 Euros.
  • Third final degree year from October to May – 30 hours per week: 3500 Euros.

Financial Aid: Scholarships are available to students with high participation in school performances and workshops and good exam results.

What you’ll need to apply: Application form, resume and interview (if you live further than 300 km from the school, you can submit a questionnaire and English test in place of the interview). This is one of the acting schools in Italy that can provide assistance for student visas and accomodations.

Acceptance rate: Students take exams throughout the course of their studies.

Audition policy: Students are allowed to audition professionally during their training with school permission form.

Website: A.B.I.T. ACADEMY

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