Vancouver Acting Classes

Here you’ll find listings of Vancouver acting classes and acting schools, along with information on classes offered, tuition fees, how to apply and more.

314 West Cordova
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E8
Ph: (604) 408-8550

This Vancouver acting school trains actors for professional work in Film and Television. Its alumni have been in Oscar winning movies, blockbusters, series, commercials and independent films including Watchmen, Stargate, Spectacular, Smallville, Supernatural and more. The school offers a 6-months full-time program as well as part-time Vancouver acting classes. Classes include scene study, voice, audition technique, script analysis and more. The school also offers special acting workshops, including a workshop for teen actors.

Performance opportunities: Schoolcreative has a student run cabaret and rents space to casting directors who often see its students.

Career Preparation: Every student gets assistance creating a business plan for his or her career. Students can participate in showcases. This Vancouver acting school also offers casting director workshops.

Degree: Diploma.

Tuition Fee: Tuition for the full time program is $9,500.00 for Canadians citizens and $10,500.00 for international students.

Financial Aid: Schoolcreative is accredited by PCTIA and actors are eligible for student loans.

What Students Need to Apply: Students must be 19 years of age or graduated from high school. They must audition with a 3 minute monologue and apply with a 500 word essay describing their hopes and dreams, why they selected Schoolcreative and their inspirations.

Acceptance Rate: About 60% of those who apply are accepted. Many reapply and are accepted.

Audition Policy: Students may audition for film and TV after school hours.

Comments from the Artistic Director:

“I am an unabashed lover of performers. Actors from eight to eighty show us our humanity by revealing themselves in brave and vulnerable ways that most people can’t imagine doing publicly. That takes courage. And unlike many professions or callings, an actor can work from eight to eighty and still be relevant, involved and inspiring. After spending nearly all my life involved in the process, I still feel incredibly moved and motivated by the people I teach, as do all of the instructors at Schoolcreative. I am continually amazed by how many stories an actor can tell or how many diverse and fascinating characters one actor can create. We believe our job is to help you become a successful actor. We welcome all who share our passion for both the world of film and television, and all of the arts. We are committed to helping our students succeed in their endeavors with the philosophy, Dream, Plan, Create… If you are just launching a career, want to keep your skills sharp or are interested in creating challenging characters, Schoolcreative is the place for you. We expect the best of our students and you can expect the best of us. We will push you to reach your goals. This is a hard industry. We want you to have the tools to be a success so we have created a program that does that. We want you to succeed. At Schoolcreative we build careers for actors.”