Acting Agents Questions

Theater is Not My Thing

by Kourtney

(Phoenix, AZ)


I love to act, but I hate the theater. It seems so fake and over the top for me, I just don’t like it. I have a reliable but less known agency, and I’ve been taking classes since i was very young. Will I still be able to make it in the acting world if I don’t do theater? I love it so much a and I am very passionate about my acting. Will that get me through as long as I still take acting classes? Or should I push through it and try to do theater again?


You don’t have to do theater for long to have an acting career, but it’s helpful to have some theater credits on your resume to augment your chances of being called in for auditions and interviews. That being said, you don’t have to have classical theater credits if you don’t like it. You can concentrate on getting a few roles in modern plays and stick with theater directors that have a more naturalistic approach in their staging. If you plan on moving to Los Angeles, you’ll find that a lot of directors here also work in film and TV.

Once you have a few strong theater credits, you can concentrate fully on screen acting auditions if you want. As long as you take classes and have a strong acting technique, you don’t need to force yourself to act in plays. Keep in mind, though, that the theater world is a good place to network and the stage a perfect place be noticed by directors and producers.

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