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The Boston Conservatory

Among the Boston acting schools, this independent college offers 4 years of conservatory training for actors who want to become triple threats.

Boston acting classes on the curriculum include acting, movement, speech, dance (modern, ballet, jazz, tap), private voice lessons, ear training, piano, music, ensemble singing, song performance, musical theatre scene study, Shakespeare and musical theater history, as well as stagecraft, directing and other theater and liberal arts classes. Students also have access to theater classes at Emerson college through the Pro Arts Consortium.

This versatility has made this acting school in Boston one with the longest list of successful alumnis working on Broadway, film and television.

Among the Boston art colleges, the Boston Conservatory is one of the most active in the community, giving aspiring artists a chance to give back through numerous programs.

Performance opportunities:

Actors get to experience all types of performances, from classical theater to experimenting with new plays in fully staged productions and lab work.

There are plenty of other performance opportunities thanks to a free performance program throughout the city and other outreach events.

Career preparation:

Aspiring actors learn from a faculty of working professionals and take master classes with leading actors and other theatre professionals.

All along, students work on developing their repertoire and take classes preparing them for the musical theater profession, including audition technique, how to get an agent and other business of acting skills.

Senior students perform in an industry showcase in New York.

Degree: BFA in Musical Theater with an emphasis in acting.

Financial Aid: Merit-based scholarships are available through the entrance audition. Students should also look into Massachussett state grants in addition to other grants and loans available at most Boston art colleges.

What you’ll need to apply: Transcripts, letters of recommendation, online resume, essay, test scores and audition.

Acceptance rate: About 50 theater majors out of 750 applicants to the theater program.


Boston Arts Academy (BAA)

Among all the Boston acting schools, BAA is the only high school dedicated to visual arts and performing arts, allowing teenagers to have access to quality acting classes in Boston while continuing their academic schooling.

High schoolers train in acting techniques, vocal production, movement, characterization, script analysis, directing, playwriting, stagecraft (costume, lighting, props), theater production and design, theatre criticism and history, as well as theatre management.

94% of students who graduate go on to colleges. This Boston acting school benefits from a close relationship with The Boston Conservatory through weekly collaborations and faculty involvement.

Performance opportunities: Aspiring actors learn the process of taking a piece from the page to the stage through ensemble performance work and community-based projects. Juniors and seniors work on special projects with guest artists.

Career preparation: Students get to work with theater professionals through master classes and artist-in-residence programs, as well as through the school’s relationships with professional Boston theater companies.

Degree: High school diploma.

What you’ll need to apply: Admission application and audition (a short monologue).

Acceptance rate: About 400 students attend.

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Wellesley Theater Department

This top rated women’s liberal arts college just outside of Boston has a theater department where aspiring actors can study acting techniques, scene study, Shakespeare, classical acting styles, script analysis, directing, playwriting, dramaturgy, theater production and scenic design.

Performance opportunities: Several productions are put up every year at the university’s 1,000 seat proscenium theater and black box theatre, including student-run productions and readings of new plays.

Career preparation: Of all the Boston acting schools, Wellesley’s theater department is the only one to have an award-winning professional in-residence Equity theatre company that allows students to work with theater professionals.

Degree: BA in Theater Studies.

Financial Aid: One of the best scolarship programs of the Boston art colleges. The admission process takes place regardless of the student’s ability to pay for tuition. Need-based scholarships are available to pay for full tuition when necessary. Financial aid is also available for research and internships.

What you’ll need to apply: Free online application, test scores, essay, transcripts, school reports, teacher evaluations, art supplement form, acting resume and 10 minutes of recorded performance on a DVD or a website with link provided.

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