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How to join an acting school with no experience?

by Dave



I’ve never acted before but I recently discovered that acting is what I want to do in my life. Once I finish high school, I would like to join an important acting school but I know I will have to do an audition first. How can I do a good audition if I’ve never tried to act? What requirements do these schools require? Do they want good actors or people who are potential good actors?


The undergraduate programs don’t require you to be an accomplished actor, although they are looking for great potential. How do you show potential? By picking the right monologue (something that inspires you and showcases your strengths) and by being as prepared as you can be. Maybe you can work on your piece in a short-term acting class over the summer or work with an acting coach a few times. Work on the script itself, of course, but also on your stage presence and projection.

Acting schools are also looking for committed actors who will keep going forward in spite of the ups and down of the profession, so think ahead about the interview part of the audition and make sure you get a chance to share your passion about acting. For an idea of what kind of questions you may be asked, see this post. You can also read more about choosing a monologue for an acting school audition here.

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