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Acting Degree Required?

by Luca

(Rome, Italy)


I’m a 24 years old italian (25 in september) who’s trying to work as an actor in my country. Unfortunately, here the situation is really complicated because of the economic crisis that is hitting hard on the arts and recommendations (the last one is strictly an Italian problem, sad but true…), and in this regard I had thought about starting to expand my chances even proposed me to work abroad.

I want to know if I could get some advice on how a foreign actor must move in order to work in the United States. In particular I would like to know if unlike Italy it is important to show up with an undergraduate degree or a Bachelor degree (not necessarily in performing arts, but also for example in foreign languages or communication sciences), if it is advisable to attend schools or courses in USA or it may only be necessary to have had some experiences here in Italy to receive positive feedback with agents and casting directors.

Keep in mind that I’ll probably do my choice after 2-3 years, being at the time engaged in a theater company formed by me and because I’m considering taking at least an undergraduate degree.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope to receive an answer as soon as possible.



Dear Luca,

In my opinion, it’s not important at all here to have a degree to be considered for acting roles. What is important is if you have trained at an acting school or college that is well-respected in the industry and if you have experience and a good reel. If you look through the questions on the website, you’ll find more on coming to America as a foreign actor. Good luck with your acting career.

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