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I’m 14 and I’m auditioning for an acting school. What kind of questions are you asked in the interview and what monologues would you recommend for a girl my age?


The kind of questions that are asked at interviews vary widely, but often start with…
“What will you be doing for us today?” (ie What audition piece) to which you would respond by stating the name of the play followed by the author (for example, “This is a monologue from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare”).

Usually you’ll do your monologue first and the interview part of the audition comes afterwards. If you already have an acting resume, you can expect a lot of the questions to be about your resume. For example, you’ll be asked where you performed a certain role or who was the director of a short film you acted in. You could also be asked about classes you took. As you can see, it’s important to only list real acting experience on your resume so you have plenty to talk about when you’re asked these questions. You can get some ideas of what to put on your actor resume here. Here’s an acting tip about audition interviews – Only list special skills you can do well. Actors are often asked to perform special skills (like an accent, for example) during interviews.

Of course, since you’re only 14, you may not have a resume at all, which is completely fine (after all, that’s why you’re applying to an acting class). You can still prepare for your interview. No one knows what you’ll be asked exactly, so ask parents and friends to ask you questions all week long. These mock interviews will help you be comfortable on the big day and you’re bound to cover some things you’ll be asked about. Here are a few common interview questions for young actors to get you started:
“Why do you want to be an actor/actress?”
“What do you like about acting?”
“Why did you pick this monologue?” or “What do you like about this monologue?”
“Do you have any acting experience?”
“What is your favorite play?”
“What is your favorite dramatic character?”
“What kind of roles do you want to play?” “What kind of roles do you see yourself playing?”
“Why do you want to study at this acting school?”
“What are your goals?”
You can read more audition tips here.

As for a monologue… Pick something that showcases your strength and the kind of roles you think you’re right for. Your answers to the questions above should help you make your choice and here are some more pointers on how to choose a good audition monologue.

If you need a classical monologue, Romeo and Juliet is a good choice although it may be overdone.

We’ll be adding a whole Teen Acting section to the website soon with a selection of teen monologues, so check the website for updates from time to time or sign up for our newsletter.

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