Acting Questions

Where to Study Acting

by Emily


Hi, I am currently studying a theatre course at university in England. I am foreign(and I don`t have a british accent) and I want to become a movie actress focusing on screen acting but I am confused if it is best for me to stay in England to pursue an acting career and pick up the accent here or if I should start to pursue an acting career in my country? I hope you can give me some advice and tip. I do not have so much experience in theatre just a little bit and I have never done screen acting before (I know I have to take acting classes to improve). England has lots of good acting classes that don’t even exist in my country and not to mention they don’t make many movies in my country. I would love to be in Hollywood movies one day and play big roles but I am not going to think that far yet. I hope you can give me some advice where to start.


If there is no film industry in your country at all, then of course England may be a better choice. You may want to work both on a British accent and a Standard American accent, but record your current accent first so you can go back to it when a role calls for it. Hope this helps.

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