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Learning the business of acting

QUESTION: I read somewhere online about acting on screen(movies) that it is not only about having talent and being good in acting. It is also about being able to learn how the business works and by being able to learn the business(as well as being a good actor) you will succeed as an actor. Is this true? What do you think “learning the business” is all about? Can you recommend any good books so I can get this knowledge?

ANSWER: Yes, understanding the acting business is an important part of having a successful acting career. This is why I created this website. It has a lot of the information you need to succeed in the acting biz, information that wasn’t available to me when I started acting and that can take a lot of time to learn by yourself over the years. Just follow the steps on this page (the become an actor page one by one, clicking on all the links so you don’t miss anything, from how to get good headshots and an agent to how to format your resume properly and get auditions. I’m also releasing an e-book where you’ll be able to find all that information in one place in the next few months, so check back often or sign up for our newsletter to find out when it will be available on the website.

For screen acting, one very important thing is knowing how to audition, including cold readings and camera technique. Here’s how I look at it: first, make sure you are ready to audition, that you have the proper training and that you have a way of working and approaching a role. Second, start going through the steps of the business of acting one by one, while all along working on your auditioning skills in a good class that covers cold readings and reading for the camera. This way, as you learn how to get agent interviews and castings, you’ll be ready to seize these opportunities and make your mark. Good luck!

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