Acting Tryout Questions

What Questions are Asked at Kids Acting Tryouts


What kind of questions do they ask on the first time you go to an audition? I have an interview for my kids next week for acting and I have no idea about what to do and what should they be prepared for. Please let me know. Thank you.


You can find an overview of questions asked at auditions my reading my answer to this post. This will give you an idea of questions that are usually asked from adult actors.

Depending on how old they are, the questions asked to your kids may or may not be different. The younger your children are, the less casting directors expect a polished answer. Actually, it’s better not to prepare the interview part with younger kids because spontaneity and just “being a kid” is an important part of what casting directors are looking for.

It does help to understand the process of auditions, though, so you and your family don’t feel overwhelmed. You can learn about the process of acting auditions here and read more about kids auditions specifically here.

The most important thing to remember with kids is to make it fun… so have fun and good luck!

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