Acting Auditions Questions

What questions do they ask?


What questions do auditioners usually ask at auditions? Full list, please.


Before auditions, you will usually be asked very few questions, besides “How are you?”
and “What will you be doing for us today?” (If you were given a choice of monologue)

After the auditions, most questions will be about your resume. If you want to prepare, have a friend go through your acting resume line by line and ask every question imaginable. You may be asked about your experience playing a particular role listed on your resume, a director or acting coach the auditioner may have heard of or be asked a more general question about how you liked the acting school you went to. Since you can prepare for these questions, it’s a great opportunity to share something interesting about yourself.

Casting directors often go to the bottom of your resume and ask about your special skills, so be ready to demonstrate any special skill that can be demonstrated on the spot, like making character voices or crying on cue.

Another set of questions you may be asked will have to do with your performance. You may be asked about your monologue, your acting choices or your take on a character. If you have any type of accent, you will most certainly be asked where you come from.

Most of the time, you won’t be asked anything… and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean you didn’t do a great job. By not lingering and leaving the room simply on an upbeat note, you will show you are a professional, something that is more important to casting directors than most actors realize, especially for screen acting jobs.

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