Child Acting

What If You Cannot Pay for your Child Acting Career

by Ashley S.

(New Bedford, Massachusetts )


What if you know your child has an extreme amount of talent, like across the board, not just because shes my kid. I mean, looks, voice and talent with acting. But how can you start them up if you don’t have the funds available to do so?


Getting a child started in acting shouldn’t cost much at all. Sure, professional headshots are nice, but with a little research on the Internet and a borrowed camera, you can get some solid headshots yourself. Find an outdoor location with great light and take pictures early morning or late afternoon. Focus on the eyes and make sure the pictures are cropped well and show a natural look.

Acting classes are great too, but not necessary for young children who can often get into a role instinctively. Finding auditions is free on websites like and submitting is usually only a few dollars. More and more auditions can be submitted online, eliminating the need for expensive traveling until the callback.

Hope this helps!

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