Child Acting

does she have what it takes?

by KC



How do you know your child has talent? Of course as a parent I think she does, but when I see other kids getting higher roles in local shows I start to wonder what is missing. Her teacher says she’s great but I wonder if he says that just to keep the money coming in? She pretty much always gets in to plays but it’s always ensemble.

Does that mean she won’t make it? She wants this so much- the kid asked me for about 5 years before I finally gave in and signed her for acting classes and let her do local theater.


Everybody will have a different take on who has talent and who doesn’t. All that matters for a kid is that they really want to do it – which is the case here – and are having fun (ie. don’t feel stressed out and nervous about getting acting jobs). Then, if your child is old enough, all she needs is a good acting class where she can learn acting techniques in a fun environment that boosts her self-confidence, especially her confidence in who she is.

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