Child Acting

Chance a child has with acting


What chance does a regular child have of being in major roles?


That’s a tough question. There’s tons of kids who are interested in acting and only a few who get major roles, so if you look at it this way, the chances are slim, but the odds are much better when:

– your child just loves to act and go on auditions.

– you found a good kids acting class for them where they learn how to act while having fun.

-they have opportunities to audition.

– you stay informed on the business of acting so you can help them get a good heashot and an agent.

Kids acting is competitive, and a little luck is involved in making it. But kids are not expected to have long resumes like adult actors do, so the playing field is leveled that way, and so the chance of them landing a big role out of the blue is real.

There’s no way to tell, of course, so kids should just act for the sake of it!

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