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QUESTION: My daughter went to her very first commercial audition and got a call back. After the call back audition they called the agency that sent us within 15 minutes after we left… There were still a number of girls waiting to audition when they got this call. I was then called by the agency and told my daughter is on their “short list”. They discussed dates with me and told me to wait one week. What are the chances she’ll get the part? It’s a doll commercial for Mattel. As well, they initially ran lines related to a Barbie doll. At the call back her lines were for a toddler aged doll. My daughter is 6. I’m wondering if they tried her for a different commercial the second time back. We had to travel quite a distance to both auditions.


Yes, it’s possible that they liked her and wanted to see her back for another spot. It’s also possible that they changed the commercial (they do it all the time). Unfortunately, they’re is no way to tell if she’ll get the spot for sure, but a callback is a very good sign. Another word you may here is avail. If your daughter is put “on avail”, that means that she is second choice and that she will need to stay available for the shooting dates. That’s also a good sign, whether she gets it or not this time around. Good luck!

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