Child Acting

Acting Schools for Kids

by toni berry



What’s the best drama school to go to?


Depending on where you live, there are quite a few good drama schools for kids and teens. The important things to look for are recommendations from casting directors and agents. A bad child acting teacher can teach your child bad habits that will be hard to let go of, so it’s important to find someone who teaches a natural approach to acting and also knows how to keep it fun and let children be who they are.

If your child wants to become a professional actor, another important thing to look for in a good acting class for kids is showcase opportunities, where agents and casting directors will come see your children perform. If the school offers showcases, find out who attended previous showcases (ie. how many legit agents and casting directors).

You can find out more on choosing the right kids acting class, along with a list of kids drama schools, at…

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