Good Monologues for Acting Auditions and Acting Classes

If you’re looking for monologues for acting auditions and acting classes, check out the links below.

You’ll find good contemporary and classical audition pieces for men and women as well as audition material from movies and more. Make sure you read our tips to help you pick and choose.

Good luck!

1) Monologue Selections for acting auditions and acting classes

Click here for favorite female monologues.
Click here for favorite male monologues.

Classical – Click here to view dramatic and comedic Shakespeare monologues for men and women.

Movies – View good audition monologues for women and men from screenplays and movies.

Under a minute – View short monologues for auditions when you are asked for audition soliloquies of one minute or less.

Teenage Monologues – View monologues for teens.

Children monologues – View monologues for children ages 4-13 years old.

2) Monologues Online

Selection of unique dramatic monologues.
Selection of unique comedic monologues.
Selection of unique monologues for kids.

3) Monologue Books for acting auditions and acting class

There’s a lot of books to choose from, and unfortunately, they’re not all good. A good monologue book should be gender specific, give you a lot of choices and offer a selection of audition pieces that haven’t been done a million times before. Below are some good books to look at. You can use the search box at the bottom of this page to find each book.

The Best Stage Monologues series

The number of monologues published changes from year to year but since a book comes out every year, you won’t have the same audition piece as everyone else, especially if you buy a copy from a few year’s back (Smith & Kraus has published two monologue books each year – one for women and one for men – since the beginning of the 1990s.)

Enjoy our selection of monologues. They were all picked because we believe they are winning audition pieces that can work wonders in the hands of a good actor or actress.

Break a leg!

How to create your own monologue

Is there a scene you love where one character does most of the talking and the other has one liners throughout? See if you can cut the other character’s lines to turn the scene into a monologue. This can actually do wonders for your acting. You’ll be much more responsive if you’ve practiced your new soliloquy as a scene with another actor. You can take some of the other character’s lines and make them your own. For example, if the other character says, “I disagree”, you can turn it into “You disagree?” Make sure it makes sense, of course. This won’t work in all situations.

Don’t use this technique with well-known scenes. Some directors know plays very well and don’t like actors to rewrite them.

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