Contemporary Male Monologues

Looking for male monologues? Here you’ll find comedic and dramatic monologues for men some ideas of good contemporary men monologues for auditions and acting schools, along with a short description of the piece and why we think it’s a good audition monologue.

1) Dramatic monologues for men

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Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill

Age range: mid 20s – mid 30s

Where to find it: Long Day’s Journey into Night – Act IV (character: EDMUND).
Starts with… “You’ve just told me some high spots in your memories…”
Ends with… “a little in love with death!”

Description: In this dramatic monologue, Edmund, a young dreamer who is suffering from tuberculosis, talks to his father about his time at sea and his feelings of not belonging.

Length of monologue: 2 minutes (this male monologue is longer, but you can easily cut the middle section out).

Why we like it: In this male monologue, the actor can show a whole gamut of emotions, from liberating exhilaration to despair and bitterness. It’s a strong piece for a young dramatic leading actor. A piece by a well-known playwright like Eugene O’Neill will work great for acting schools.

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Kramer vs. Kramer (starring Dustin Hoffman)

Age range: 30s – 40s

Where to find it: Rent the movie Kramer vs. Kramer – (character: TED).
Starts with… “If I understand it correctly, what means the most here is what’s best for our son.”
Ends with… “Don’t do it twice to him.”

Description: A father tells the court why he should retain custody of his son.

Length of monologue: 1:30 minutes.

Why we like it: This is a good dramatic audition piece because it allows a man to show more vulnerability than is often possible in other male monologues. As a father threatened to lose custody of his child, you can show many colors as an actor, from love and pleading to anger and frustration.

2) Comedic monologues for Men

Marcus is Walking by Joan Ackermann

Age range: 20s – 50s

Where to find it: Marcus Is Walking: Scenes from the Road – Act II, Scene 4 (character: HENRY).
Starts with… “Lisa, I love you…” (you can edit out Lisa’s lines).
Ends with… “but I am in love with you.

Description: Henry reveals his love for his colleague Lisa. Once he gets started, the words pour out. He is both charming, clumsy and hilarious.

Length of monologue: 3 minutes (but a few cuts will easily bring it down to 1:30 minutes).

Why we like it: This is not one of these “ha ha” comedic monologues, but it has a huge advantage – actors can play the emotion of LOVE. If you think of it, not many male monologues let you do that, yet playing love can get you far (think Ryan Goslin, Colin Firth, Leo DiCaprio).

Division Street by Steve Tesich

Age range: 50s – 70s (the character is an “old man” in the play but this men monologue also works for actors in their 30s and 40s).

Where to find it: Division Street: A Comedy – Act I (character: ROGER).
Starts with… “I’ve done it all, baby.
Ends with… “just so they’d leave me alone!

Description: Roger, the “saddest looking person in the world”, complains about marriage and the great women-led conspiracy meant to confuse men.

Length of monologue: 2:30 min (but it can easily be edited down by 1 minute)

Why we like it: This men monologue is a great comedy piece for a character actor (think Steve Carell or Martin Short).

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