Good Movie Monologues for Film Auditions

Monologues from Movies for Women and Men

Looking for movie monologues? Here’s a selection of good monologues from movies for women and men, along with a short description of the plot and why we think they make good audition monologues.

Choosing monologues for your film auditions can be a nice change for producers and directors, since they mostly see monologues from plays. And if you’re interested in a film acting career, you’ll find most monologues from movies feel more “natural” then drama pieces.

1) Movie Monologues for Women

Dangerous Beauty (starring Catherine McCormack)

Age range: 20s-30s

Where to find it: Get the 1998 movie Dangerous Beauty directed by Herskovitz (character: VERONICA)
You may have to edit out a couple of lines, but it works well as a monologue.
Starts with… “I will confess, your Grace.”
Ends with… “I do not repent my life.”

Description: In 16th century Venice, a courtesan accused of witchcraft defends her way of life in front of the Inquisition.

Length of monologue: 2 minutes.

Why we like it: A good movie monologue if you’re auditioning for a period film, but theatrical enough to use for a similar role in a play.

High Heels (starring Victoria Abril)

Age range: 20s-40s

Where to find it: Get the 1991 movie High Heels directed by Almodovar (character: REBECA) and write down your monologue from the subtitles.
Starts with… “Good afternoon. The Farmers are protesting.”
Ends with… “Until then, thank you …and goodbye.”

Description: A TV reporter announces her husband’s death on the news… and the name of his murderer.

Length of monologue: 2 minutes.

Why we like it: This tragic-comic movie monologue in typical Almodovar style has it all for an actress who wants to make her audience laugh and show vulnerability and tears at the same time. The other great thing is you’re playing a news announcer, so you don’t have to pretend you’re talking to someone who’s not there.

2) Movie Monologues for Men

The Hustler (starring Paul Newman)

Age range: 20s – 30s

Where to find it: Rent the 1961 movie The Hustler (character: EDDIE) – You’ll have to edit out a couple of lines by the other character.
Starts with… “We really stuck the knife in her…”
Ends with… “I’m gonna come back here and I’m gonna kill you.”

Description: Expert pool player “Fast” Eddie just won his rematch against Minnesota Fats, but realized that the price to pay was too high. Having let his self-destructive ambition drive his girlfriend to suicide, Eddie threatens his greedy manager.

Length of monologue: 1:30 minutes.

Why we like it: This dramatic male monologue that concludes the movie is a turning point for this character, which makes it very appealing to watch. It’s also a great film audition monologue for a young leading actor because the character shows both vulnerability (from the loss of his girlfriend) and strength (from his disgust and anger at his manager). If you’re looking for something less dramatic, there’s another great monologue in this movie where Eddie talks about his passion for pool to his girlfriend (it’s about half-way through the movie and 2 minutes long.)

City Slickers (starring Billy Crystal)

Age range: mid 30s – 40s

Where to find it: Get the 1991 movie City Slickers (character: MITCH).
Starts with… “Value this time in your life, kids…”
Ends with… “Any questions?”

Description: A radio-ads salesman in the midst of a mid-life crisis speaks at his child’s elementary school’s career day.

Length of monologue: 1:30 minutes.

Why we like it: This is just a very funny film monologue for character actors or if you’re an actor in his mid-30s and up auditioning for any type of comedy.

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