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Looking for a good monologue for an audition

by Tyler



I need a monologue for an audition into an acting school. I’m 22 so obviously the character needs to be around that age. I want it to be showing a lot of anger and can go no longer than 2 mins. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!


Check out our movie monologue page. If you scroll down to the middle of the page, where it says “movie monologues for men”, you’ll find a perfect monologue under 2 minutes for your audition. It’s from the movie The Hustler with Paul Newman. You can definitely show a lot of anger in this monologue. The character’s girlfriend has just been driven to suicide by his manager and he threatens to kill him in this last speech in the movie. Of course, it’s always better to show “color”, especially if you’re auditioning for an acting school, as they will want to see you can play a range of emotions. I also find that choosing one or two moments to display anger is more powerful then doing it through the whole monologue. You can look for the Hustler script online or rent the movie and write down the lines of the monologue. If you like it, check with your acting school to make sure they accept movie monologues. Sometimes, although rarely, a drama school will only want to see material from a play.

Good luck with your audition! Let us know how it goes by adding a comment to this page.


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