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Is there a certain age to get a breakthrough in Hollywood?

by Emma


I am currently studying acting in university in England and I will be 23 years old when graduating. I want to become a movie actress but I think it will take a few years for me if I`m lucky to get a role in a movie. I am worried about my age. I really wanna start my acting career in a young age(under 25) because that`s when most movie actors have started their acting career in a young age. I don`t want to have my breakthrough movie role when I am 30 years old or over but I understand acting is a hard business with difficulties getting lead roles when not having an agent and not so much experience than studying acting in a university. My question for you is if there is a specific age to get a breakthrough movie role in Hollywood? Most actors in Hollywood had their breakthrough in a movie when they were really young under 25. And do you think that if I am 30 and over I can still succeed as a lead actress in Hollywood or is that “too old” to get a breakthrough in Hollywood?

One more question, after I graduated from university(aged 23) do you suggest that I should take acting classes and at the same time try to go to movie auditions? Will that be a good first step to my acting career? or can you please give me ideas in what to do after graduation to become a movie actress?

Hope you can help me!


There is no magic age to make it in Hollywood. It’s true that it’s easier if you are younger and that a lot of actors you see in movies got their first break during their teen years or even before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it older. There’s just more competition from experienced actresses and it gets harder to find an agent or manager if you’re in your early 30s with not much experience. Then again, plenty of actors made it later in life (look at Sharon Stone or Jason Statham, just to name two that come to mind right now).

As I’ve said before, I think the best strategy is to try to make it in your country first (in your case, England) so you are considered for bigger roles right away once you get an agent that works with Hollywood projects. Audition for independent films, television shows, commercials and theater. You don’t know where your career will take off from at first, so don’t limit yourself. Good luck!

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