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How To Become Famous

How do you Become Famous

by Christian

(Knoxville TN)


I’m seeing all these people becoming famous just like that. I am wanting to be one of those people. But i just want to know how…. Please help. Because I can see my self in the future being famous. It’s been my dream ever since I was 6. Right now I’m wanting to do anything to be on the red carpet. Just tell me what i got to do please.Thanks!:)


I answered a very similar question recently so I’m going to copy it here. The bottom line is there’s no secret recipe of course, but there are steps you can take to give yourself the best chances of succeeding in the industry. Motivation and drive is huge, so it’s great you’ve got that! Just read the tips I gave Michelle. Good luck!

How can I become Famous Before I turn 20

by michelle

(Magoffin, KY)


How can I become famous before I turn 19 to 20 years of age? Where do I go? How much money would it take ?


There’s no secret recipe for becoming famous. Actually, in a lot of cases, going after the fame can be a sure way of not attaining it. For example, as an actress, if you just go after lead roles in big movies with no training and no professional marketing tools like a good headshot and resume, chances are you’ll waste your time and money with a lot of acting scams. Although there are always exceptions, usually going after auditions without training leads nowhere or you may spend many years trying to be on TV only to find out you need to go back to acting school when you’re 25.

Often, the media makes it look like famous actresses just suddenly made it without much effort, but if you look closer, you’ll find that most of them went to acting schools.

That being said, it’s much easier to find an agent who will get you started in the business when you’re very young, because you’re not competing with people who have tons of experience. My recommendation would be to sign up for a good teen acting class that includes agent showcases so that you can train and at the same time get started in the business. Pick a reputable place that focuses on young adults or teens to improve your chances of finding the right agent.

Ask a lot of questions like:
– a list of agents who attended the last showcase
– teacher credentials
– if the class also helps you with the business side of acting, like getting an acting headshot and resume together.

Hope this helps!

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