Acting Auditions Questions

During an audition questions and answers

by Elizabeth

Should you…

– Shake The Casting Directors hand?

Usually, it’s not necessary, especially if they are in the back of the room when you walk in. If they greet you at the door, then go ahead and shake their hand. Let them take the lead. Some casting directors don’t like a lot of hand shaking, especially during flu season.

– Wear makeup?

There’s no reason for men to wear makeup. Women should wear makeup that matches the headshots they submitted for that role. Of course, you can tweak it a little, like for example wear more makeup if it’s right for the character you’re auditioning for.

– Wear your hair up or down?

Again, match your headshot, but feel free to change it a little for the role. Make sure your hair is not in your face, though, and they can see you eyes when you audition.

– Try to chat with the casting Director?

It’s nice to say something warm and friendly, like “how’s your day going so far?”, but keep it short and simple. Casting directors don’t have much time and may not call you back next time if they feel they couldn’t get you out of the room. That being said, be ready to talk about your resume or other questions they may have.

-Drink water?

Try to drink water before the audition, not during. Drinking water during the audition slows things down and may make you look like you’re really nervous. Even if you really are nervous, you’d be surprised how many casting directors won’t notice if you just act professional and do your thing.

-Take stuff/props with you?

You usually shouldn’t take props with you. If you really need it, you could use your cell phone as a prop if your audition scene takes place while you are on the phone, but then make sure it’s turned off. Usually, casting directors frown upon actors who bring stuff in as amateurish. Whatever you do, don’t ever bring in something dangerous or throw anything in the room, no matter how mad your character is in the script. This may sound obvious, but there are stories out there of actors hurling chairs and brandishing swords! If a prop is really central to the performance, they will usually provide it during the audition. Otherwise, just use your acting skills to pretend it’s there.

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