Acting Tryout Questions

Disney UK/Nikelodeon UK Tryouts

by Kat



I aspire to act on TV and possibly in films, if the opportunity arises, in my teenage years as well as afterwards. However, I can’t find the right email addresses to send my CV to and I haven’t found any auditions through the internet, for those children show companies, that aren’t bogus. Any websites/email addresses that will help me?

Thank you.


Sorry, Kat, I don’t know much about auditions in the UK. I’m posting your question anyway so other UK actors can respond with useful tips. I know there are some great acting schools in London. Maybe you could ring them up and ask if they have a list of legitimate audition websites you could check out. In the US, the quickest way to get started with auditioning as a teen actor is to take a good teen acting class, preferably one that offers an industry showcase so students can find an agent. Agents are your best bet to finding good legitimate auditions.

Good luck!

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