Acting Tryout Questions

Contact after an Audition

by Briana gallardo

(San Diego, CA)


Is it alright to email the director/casting director after an audition to thank them and let them know you look forward to working with them, should they decide you’re right for the role?


The best way to follow up on an audition is to send an actor postcard about a week after the casting call. Actor postcards are a postcard size of your headshot, along with your name and contact information. Casting directors audition so many actors every day that they need a visual reminder of who you are. Once you have auditioned for a casting director, you can send them postcards regularly. First to thank them for the opportunity and then to keep them up to date on any new credits on your resume. Avoid writing things like “I look forward to working with you should you choose to cast me”. Just concentrate on updating them on what you’re up to, so your face stays fresh in their minds and they can follow your acting career.

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