Child Acting

Starting Acting at 2 years old

by zachery davis

(Sandy, Utah)


I think my kid would be great she is 2 years old and can remember everything like songs her ABC’s not much she cant plus the things she comes up with are a amazing I would just like to know more of how to get her in to it cuz I am sure she would be great at it.


At this age, all you need is to take a nice picture of her and submit it to castings and print jobs. She doesn’t need a class or an agent or anything else, and since they change so much at this age, don’t pay anyone to take a headshot. Just use the best resolution camera you have (or borrow one) and get a nice portrait of her smiling. Frame it tight, but not too tight (we should see her whole head, hair and shoulders to mid-chest level).

Once you have a picture you like, you can submit it to any casting calls in your area. I think actors access has a few casting calls for Utah from time to time, and you may also find major children brands looking for children models in parenting magazines.

If you think your child may work, you will need to check with the state where you live about getting a work permit for her and maybe a Coogan account. From what I’ve seen, there is not many acting auditions for very young children. Most castings start around 4-5 years old, but there are a lot of print jobs. Beware of scams, though. You should never pay anyone any money to get your child into acting or modeling, and protect her by never sharing personal details on submissions like your home address or your child’s social security number.

Have fun!

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