Character Development

Woman playing male role

by Katie



I am a woman playing a male role. I need to know how to stand and talk like a man. I also need to know how men think, how they act, and what they are like in general and how they carry themselves.


That sounds like a fun challenge. Not all men are alike, of course, so I would start with a little research on the type of man your character is, and then observe a few men that are similar to your character and incorporate what you see, one thing at a time. If you like Method acting, you could use some of the characterization exercises from that technique, going around walking like that character, then eating, speaking, dancing, driving… Even things you won’t have to do in your play (or scene or movie) should inform your personalization. For example, just by asking yourself and experimenting with how your character shakes a person’s hand, you could learn a lot about him… Have fun!

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