Acting Study Questions

How Long Must I Study to Become an Actor

QUESTION: How long should a person study to become a actor?

ANSWER: In terms of beginning an acting career, the best way to train is to study in a full-time program, which can be anywhere from 1-4 years. If you are going to commit to such a long training, take an acting class or two beforehand to make sure you want an acting career, and do your research before picking an acting program.

Being an actor is like playing an instrument, except in this case your voice, mind and body are your instrument. So just like a musician constantly practices, an actor must constantly work on their acting technique, movement skills, speech and voice, in addition to rehearsals, auditions and self-promotion. If you listen to the great actors out there talk about their careers, you’ll notice that they all continue to study, no matter how successful they get.

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