Common Acting Questions

When should I begin?

by Bianka

(Tittmoning, Bavaria, Germany)


My name is Bianka (16 years old). I’m from Germany (Bavaria).

I want to be an actress since i was a little girl. I’m in Secondary School, 10th class. I´m thinking about taking acting lessons when I graduate.

My question is can i come if i havent got any experience ? I lived in New York when i was 4 years old but we went back to Germany when i was seven years old.

I would be happy if you would give me an answer!

With best regards,

Bianka Wagner


If you want to be an actress, the best time to start taking acting lessons is right away. While you finish high school, try an evening or weekend class so you can…

a) Make sure you like acting before you commit to full-time training.

b) Get recommendations from acting teachers about the best schools in your country so you know where to apply to acting school and how to prepare the auditions.

As far as coming to America, you can read this post to other foreign actresses. Of course, that’s just one opinion. Everyone must follow their own path.

Hopes this helps. Good luck!

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