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Should I Audition With No Experience

by Kev



I’m 19 years old and a newcomer in acting. I posted a question before but I not sure if you remember since alot of people ask questions here. I was wondering if it was too late to start acting at age 19.

Anyway, this Sunday is the NYC Actorfest and I’m not sure whether to go.The only training i had was a voice and movement class (which I honestly didn’t feel I learned anything to put on resume) and an acting class I’m currently taking (can i add this on my resume or do I have to complete it first?)

I know I need experience but I think an actor can get experience by going to auditions and being on sets. And that you sometimes have to go for things despite everything (or is that wrong?) Am I dreaming way too much and will i be wasting my time?

Also another problem is cover letters,how are people with no experience suppose to write a cover letter?

Please help I want to start auditioning for small roles/speaking roles so I can slowly reach major roles in the future. I don’t want to depend of my acting proffessor or class, I’m not expecting the lead roles in Actorfest,just hoping for small or one time roles to put on resume.Theres also going to be a nickelodeon casting call. Thank you for your time.


Attending a lot of open calls in a row at Actorfest can be a good learning experience. If you go, just go with the mindset that you want to do your best, learn and get auditioning experience. If you get a callback or a role from it, great, but don’t feel bad if you don’t.

Write down all the feedback you can. It will give you things to work on in acting class (by the way, you can list your acting class under “training” on your resume). When you can, ask casting directors what they think your type is, especially what your age range is. As I think I mentioned earlier, there are good opportunities for young adults who can play teenagers.

You rarely need a cover letter when you submit for roles, just a post it with the name of the character and project you want to be considered for. If you are sending your headshot and resume to agents and don’t have any experience yet, talk about roles you see yourself playing in your cover letter, as well as classes you are taking and what you are doing for your career. Show how you understand type and where you fit in. You can find more information on acting cover letters here.

Good luck! I don’t think anybody can ever dream too much, but if you can enjoy the process rather than focus on the results, I think you’ll find the whole experience more worthwile in the end.

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