Acting Study Questions

What options do I have?


I can see that acting schools are highly recommended for success as an actor.
The thing is, I highly doubt my ability in getting into a really good acting school,
Because I nearly dropped out of high school at several points of my life due to problems in my personal life, so my transcript doesn’t look appealing at all.

Is my only option to take acting classes? Because it sounds to me that that wouldn’t even be enough.
My past makes me wish I had stayed stronger, and had direction. That was hard to do when I was suicidal at several points in my life.

If I did good in school which I know I’m completely capable of, I think I really could of had a great chance at these big dreams of mine.
Is there still some hope for me?

I know I have the looks of an actress,
And I know I can very well attain the passion if I knew I even had a chance.
I know I have the will because of how far I’ve come from who I used to be.
And I know I’m an artist at heart.
And that being an actress and film making is an art.

What are my options? Tips and guidance would be greatly appreciated.


It’s true that it helps to go to a top acting school, but many actors have made it without going to an acting college. Being a good actor doesn’t require you to be a good student in the traditional sense of the word. Understanding a script or a character has more to do with emotional intelligence than academic training.

Moreover, some good full-time acting programs won’t base their decisions on your transcripts as much as your audition. As long as you’re passionate and show commitment and talent, your past experience in school shouldn’t get in your way. Go for a conservatory-type program where most of your time is spent doing, performing, and trying out the techniques you learn.

If you decide to just take acting classes, make sure you build a support system. Acting is tough, and if you’ve struggled with depression before, it could be difficult for you to deal with the rejection that’s part of any actor’s life. So come up with a plan and don’t base your self-confidence on the outcome of an audition or what people may say. There’s tons of stories out there of successful actors who were told they would never make it, so don’t put your self-confidence in the hands of anyone else but yourself. Just follow the steps in how to become an actor and enjoy the process. There’s no reason your past experiences in school should get in your way.

Good luck!

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