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Talent vs training

by Emma


Just curious are there any famous hollywood actors who have never taken an acting class? Or do all of them take acting classes? For example, Kristen Stewart. I know she has been acting since she was a child but I guess she must take acting classes to improve? Do you think there are actors who are born talented and do not need training?


There is such a thing as beginner’s luck.

Some actors come from modeling with no training and get a big role right away because of their looks, but the ones who keep working usually realize they need training and work with an acting coach. By then, they have an agent and the means to pay for private classes with some of the best acting teachers.

Kids are different. When they start really young, they are not expected to have much training and experience. A lot of them instinctively know how to be natural in front of a camera and be really invested 100% in make believe situations. Some kids are encouraged to use “tricks”, cute things/looks that work really well for kids but don’t last into the adult years. That’s why a lot of kid actors don’t make it as adults. On the other hand, other kids take acting classes from a young age and believe it or not, already have a lot of training and experience as young teens. You actually see casting notices out there asking for 6 year old kids with “really strong acting skills”!!!

I guess the answer to your question is that natural talent does exist, as well as luck, but only takes you so far, and the famous actors who continue to be famous year after year are the ones who work on their craft and seek new challenging roles. At least that’s what I think. It’s just like anything else. For example, the most successful students are not necessarily the smartest but the ones who persevere…

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