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College before acting or no college?

by veronica

(dominican republic)


Should I go to college and get a degree in something more stable to have it as a back-up plan and then go to a school for acting?


That’s a tough question.

It’s very hard to make a living as an actor, so having a degree in something more stable is definitely a safer choice than going straight to acting school, but it’s also harder to break into acting the older you are (although it’s not impossible, of course).

In the end, that’s a choice you need to make for yourself. I think getting a degree is important, whether you get a BFA from an acting college or a degree unrelated to acting and then attend acting school. If you want to act, I would definitely pick a college that has a strong acting program (you can look at our listings to get started). Maybe you can minor in theater or double major?

Anyway, if you decide to study something else first, it’s a good idea to stay involved with acting along the way, whether it is attending acting classes outside college or joining an acting company or something like that. Why?
First, you got to make sure you really love acting before you sign up for another 2 years of conservatory training after college. Second, the earlier you start your training or getting experience, the better.

Hope this helps.

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