Acting Resume Questions

Next Step after Getting Headshot and Acting Resume

QUESTION: When I have put together my headshot and resume do I post it to the agency or email it to them and if I ever do get an audition will they give me something to audition with or will I have to think of something to act out by my myself?

ANSWER: Once you have a picture and resume, you can submit it to acting agents and managers for representation, along with a cover letter, but you can also submit it directly to casting directors when you see roles you are right for on casting websites like Actors Access or Backstage – The Actor’s Resource.

Usually, for film and TV auditions, you will be given “sides” to read (ie. a scene from the project) but for theater, you will need a monologue. You may also be asked for a monologue during an agent interview, especially if you don’t have much on your reel yet, so you always want to have at least one comedic and one dramatic monologue ready to go (plus Shakespeare monologues if you want to do theater). You can get started here.

Good luck!

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