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My daughter is smart and already a good actor for 2 years old


My daughter is already a good actor for 2 years old.

She just turned 2 years old last week, but she knows stuff like preschoolers and kinders learn in school.

On her birthday last week, I asked her if she can make sad face, and she start crying. And I asked her if she can make surprise face, she will make surprise face with both hands up next to her face and many other face expressions.
Both my husband and I looked at each other, and maybe acting class will be fun for my daughter.

I applied couple places (San Diego and LA) but they denies just because she’s only 2 (or no specific reason).

Is there place that teaches 2 year old acting in Southern California and/or in Oregon (We are thinking about moving to Oregon next summer)?

Is acting classes are good enough to be seen by casting directors?

Is taking acting classes is the first step than looking for an agency?


There are no classes for children that young that I know of. The reason is they don’t need classes. Toddlers are natural actors. They mimic and play make believe all day. The best is to let them do what they do naturally and instinctively. All you need is to take a few good pictures of your daughter (smiling headshot with good lighting) to submit her to castings and agencies that work with babies and very young kids. Keep in mind, though, that castings can have long waits in LA and be boring for young kids, so I recommend only taking her if you think she’ll have fun.

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