Child Acting

Missing school for auditions

(San Luis Obispo, CA)


My child has an acting permit, and goes out for auditions which is usually during school times, or has to miss school because we have to travel 4+ hours to get to the audition. Are child actors excused with the permit? Is there a way to get them excused at school for auditions (not just the jobs)?


I’m not sure about that one. I think that right now in CA, the rule is that if a child holds an entertainement work permit, they are allowed 5 absences a year, but they need to be tutored by a studio teacher during these absences. Since that would probably not happen for an audition, it may be difficult to be excused from school for an audition, but I’m not sure. You should contact the CA Dpt of Industrial Relations who issued to permit and ask them. In some cases, you may also be able to send a recorded audition. I’ve been given that option by casting directors when I didn’t want my child to miss school and the audition was during school hours.

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